Safe and Comfortable Living and Working Solutions for Offshore Drilling Rigs

Life on offshore drilling rigs has many challenges. On jack-ups, semisubmersibles, and drillships, your personnel works hard on a very restricted space and far away from home and their loved ones. But thanks to today’s technology, safety measures and modern solutions, you can create a more comfortable and safe living and working environment for your people. And we are here to help.

Safe and Comfortable Living Spaces

Who says comfort and luxury cannot be found offshore? Take a look at our FLEX series of linkable Accommodation Modules that incorporate luxury with all the stringent safety requirements offshore. Our FLEX series features the latest digital, communication and entertainment technology as a standard. Each bed includes an individual LCD TV with CAT 6, HDMI, USB and audio connectivity. USB ports are also available for mobile phone charging, as well as network sockets with Wi-Fi option for each room.

We know that safety offshore cannot be compromised, especially on offshore drilling rigs. Taking safety very seriously, all our modules are built to the latest marine requirements using IMO Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) as the primary guideline, but also using other guidelines, such as ABS and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) or individual Flag statutes, dependent upon specific project requirements. In addition, all our offshore modules are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to every mobilization, which is especially important during this COVID-19 period.

We know what we are doing. With over 38 years of experience in the industry and with one of the world’s largest A60 Modular Hire fleets, Specialist Services is ideally placed to advise you on a number of solutions to fit your specific offshore accommodation requirements. When your operations face new or unforeseen challenges, we are here to support you with convenient solutions for your temporary requirements.

From Single Units to Complete TLQ Solutions

In one of the world’s most tightly regulated industries operating in the harshest environmental conditions, you need safe and reliable accommodation solutions that will protect your personnel. All our units are flexible, linkable, upgradable and comfortable, and can therefore suit your exact project requirements. With easy ‘plug & play’ hook-up, our Accommodation, Utility and Office Modules can be hired as single units or as a complete complex.

1 to 12 Man Accommodation Modules

All of our certified offshore Accommodation Modules are designed to provide longevity and low maintenance service in the most demanding locations, whilst meeting the necessary safety requirements for offshore use. All our Accommodation Modules are A60, ABS, DNV 2.7-1 and CSC Certified Safe Area and come as standard size of ISO 20ft and 33ft. However, we pride ourselves in our flexibility to provide other size solutions where required.

Our FLEX 33 Accommodation Modules offer you a flexible bed space from 1 to 12 man. Each unit consists of a central corridor and two staterooms, accommodating 1 to 6 persons. Each stateroom provides distinctive floorplan flexibility including bunks, lockers and desk removal or addition to meet your project specific requirements for maximised space efficiency.

Designed to offer a flexible lay down solution with minimal footprint, with integrated corridors, FLEX 33 can be hired as single units or as a complete complex with the central corridor easily linking the units. In line with ABS and other international certification and safety requirements, the modules can be stacked up to 4 levels on floating installations and on a fixed platform. Compliant with the stringent ABS code, FLEX 33 has been engineered and built to provide comfort, safety and reliability, meeting the highest global specifications and standards for offshore applications.

Complemented by Utility Modules

For complete TLQ solutions, we complement our Accommodation Modules with certified offshore temporary Utility Modules. These come as standard size of ISO 20ft, but with our flexibility, we can provide also other size solutions where required. In addition, internal fit outs can be designed to meet your project specific requirements. Our A60 offshore Utility Modules range includes: Kitchen and Dining Modules, Freezer and Chiller Modules, Laundry and Ablution Modules, as well as Recreation and Fitness Modules.

Working Offshore in Our Office Modules

To fully support your offshore operations, we also provide a range of A60 offshore Office Modules, from 10ft to 33ft, as well as NORSOK units. Engineered and manufactured in house to the highest industry standards, all our Office Modules are designed to optimise workspace efficiency, meet environment and acoustic requirements, and house your specialist equipment and resources in a safe and comfortable environment. All units can be outfitted and modified to perform any number of functions to suit your specific project requirements.

Modular Walkway and Stairs System

Within TLQ Solutions, a safe and easy access to the various units is also very important. All Accommodation, Utility and Office Modules can be stacked through our walkway systems. With limited space available offshore and easy transportation in mind, we have developed a modular walkway and stairs system that can be transported in a 20ft container. Each piece can fit together to form different layouts, as per your requirements. This system compliments our Modular Hire packages as a complete solution for the needs of any TLQ project.

Full Turnkey Solution for Your TLQ Projects

For modular TLQ projects we also provide supply and installation at your site as a turnkey solution. Our teams have decades of experience and technical know-how in performing installation services in coordination with your personnel and other contractors on site. All of our certified offshore accommodation modules and facility support modules are designed to provide longevity and low maintenance service.

Contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your upcoming requirements.

Specialist Services Group Celebrating 38 Years

This year, Specialist Services Group is celebrating 38 years of operations as a global supplier of oilfield equipment, modular buildings and packaging solutions for people and equipment in the oil and gas, utility, petrochemical, power, renewables, and defence industries.

Throughout almost four decades, the Group have developed and refined an international capability in design, engineering, manufacture, installation, and support across our broad range of products and services. At the same time, we have also expanded geographically, with the aim of supporting our clients worldwide through our facilities in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North America.

A Brief Overview of Our Milestones

Founded in 1982 as ASCO Specialist Services, in 1985, Specialist Services became a sole proprietorship company owned by Philip Bond. During the first decade of its operations, the company provided quality products and solutions for some of the key players in the Oil & Gas industry, such as TOTAL ABK, Bundoq, Saudi Aramco, and Larsen and Toubro, among others.

Our Facilities

During the first 20 years, our facilities expanded first in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, followed by 15 years of global expansion first into South East Asia and Australia markets with Specialist Services Holdings Pte Ltd established in Singapore in 2010, and in Europe through the acquisition of Labtech Services Limited in Aberdeen, UK, in 2011. This was followed by the setup of a new company in India, Specialist Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd., and two Joint Venture Companies with RedGuard from the USA, including RedGuard Specialist Services based in UAE (2016) and Specialist Services RedGuard based in the USA (2017).

Our Product Range

Known in the industry as a provider of reliable and internationally compliant products, we started with Buildings, fire rated products and EPC projects. Over the last two decades, we then expanded our solutions range by adding Modular Hire, Drilling, Testing, Production and Process Packages (DTPP), as well as turn-key Facilities Management Solutions.

Throughout the years, we have been continuously innovating our products and services, to provide the best solutions for our clients. Within our DTPP solutions, we lead the market designing and delivering onshore and offshore modular well test packages, we have produced the world’s first scalable and flexible modular early production facilities, and also developed and delivered a stand-alone process heater with Sil 2 burner management system for Zone II hazardous area installation. Within our Buildings product range, we provide fully modular living quarters and stressed skin living quarters, and recently we also introduced and delivered modular shooting ranges, modular blast-rated multi-level plant control buildings, and stand-alone self-sufficient blast-rated and gas over-pressured refuge buildings. Within our Modular Hire division, we have also developed the world’s largest ABS compliant offshore accommodation fleet.

Our quality assurance processes and certification verify that our products and services meet the highest quality standards. Our latest certification includes Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 450001:2018.

Our Largest Projects

Throughout the years, within our Buildings division, we have worked on various large projects, such as 58 Man Living Quarters for ConocoPhillips, Bongkot Phase 4A Living Quarters Platform for PTTEP in Thailand, a 50 man Living Quarters Extension for Chevron in Thailand, Local Equipment Room and Local Control Room Buildings for Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) in UAE, a Control Building for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) in Kuwait, Substation Modules for National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) and ADMA-OPCO in UAE, and the latest large project—70 Man 4-Level Living Quarter for Mubadala Petroleum in Malaysia, among others.

Some of Our Latest Achievements

In 2013, DNV GL awarded us the renewal of the DNV Manufacturing Survey Arrangement (or MSA), confirming once again Specialist Services’ high quality and reliable products manufacture, while in 2014, the Public Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality awarded Specialist Services as a role model organisation in the manufacturing sector for the management of occupational health and safety during the year 2012-2013. The same year, we launched the G4 Global, the first globally compliant office module, and received the Type Approval (TA) Certificate from ABS for 20ft A60 4 Men Portable Accommodation Modules. A year later, we launched FLEX 33 Accommodation Modules, compliant with the stringent ABS code.

In 2016, Zakher Marine International awarded us a rental contract for a 77-module, 150 man TLQ complex to accommodate ZADCO personnel offshore Abu Dhabi—one of the largest TLQ projects in the world. The same year, we also celebrated 6 million man-hours without Lost Time Injuries. Since 2017, we have been also achieving very high Customer Loyalty Score results, above 70%, and since 2019 over 80%, which reflect a high level of customer satisfaction with our solutions. This year, Abdul K. Molla, Welder at Specialist Services, won the first prize at SteelFab 2020 in UAE, proving the high level of professionalism of our employees.

This is just a short snapshot of some of our achievements, proving our quality and professionalism in all aspects of our business. While we are proud of what we have accomplished over almost four decades, we still have ambitious plans for the future.

77-module 150 man TLQ complex for Zakher Marine

Specialist Services designed and delivered their single largest rental contract till date for temporary living quarters (TLQ)

Zakher Marine International awarded Specialist Services a rental contract to deliver a 150 man, ABS certified TLQ complex for a minimum contract duration of 615 days.

Project: 77-module Temporary Living Quarters Complex
Client: Zakher Marine International
End User: Zakum Development Company (ZADCO)
Location: QMS Pearl jack up barge offshore Abu Dhabi
Project Completion: The project was handed over to the client on 1st September 2016

Project requirements

Zakher Marine required from Specialist Services the supply and installation of a TLQ solution designed to accommodate 150 POB, complete with a stairwell and walkway system on a minimal laydown area on the QMS Pearl Platform. The client specified A60 as the required fire rating for the modular complex in addition to required ABS certification for all modules. Most of the units were required to be Accommodation Modules, while additional units were required to be used as recreation rooms.


Specialist Services supplied Zakher Marine with the TLQ complex in line with all of the Client’s requirements, including 75 Accommodation Modules and two modules combined to form a larger recreation room, all ABS certified. To comply with the quantity of units required, during the short lead time provided, Specialist Services manufactured 10 new units and received another 10 units from their Singapore facility.

The delivery of all units along with the fabricated stairway and walkway system from Specialist Services facility in Jebel Ali to the Client’s site in Abu Dhabi required multiple trailers in rotation. On site, Specialist Services personnel showed outstanding professionalism and technical know-how in coordinating with the Client and other contractors throughout the installation of the modules on board the platform.

A concentrated effort by Specialist Services experienced team was necessary to facilitate the level of up front detailed engineering and commercial input required by Zakher Marine. Specialist Services teams in Jebel Ali yard and on site in Abu Dhabi worked tirelessly for four weeks to complete the project in this short lead time, demonstrating outstanding dedication and excellent work.


The TLQ complex has been installed on board of Zakher Marine’s new QMS Pearl jack up barge in September 2016, to be used for accommodating ZADCO personnel offshore Abu Dhabi for the duration of this contract.

This is one of the largest TLQ projects in the world today, which was awarded to Specialist Services based on their ability to design, supply and certify this complex project with a delivery to site lead time of only four weeks.

Specialist Services showcased its market leading technical expertise and, more importantly, its high standards of professionalism and teamwork. With the outstanding job done by everyone involved, an appreciation letter was issued to Specialist Services by Zakher Marine, where the Client congratulated the team for their dedication, hard work and successful completion of the project.

The TLQ complex is currently on rental at the QMS Pearl jack up barge offshore Abu Dhabi.

24 Module Multi-Purpose TLQ Complex for Gulf Drilling International

Specialist Services designed and delivered a 24 module 46 man multi-purpose temporary living quarters (TLQ) complex on a rental basis for Gulf Drilling International

Gulf Drilling International (GDI) awarded Specialist Services a rental contract to deliver a 24 module, multi-purpose, DNV certified TLQ complex to support their operations in Qatar with minimum rental contract duration of 18 months.

Project: GDI Dixie Patriot Temporary Living Quarters Complex
Client: Gulf Drilling International
End User: Dolphin Energy
Location: Qatar
Project Completion: The project was handed over to the client within 2 months from the contract award

Project requirements

GDI required from Specialist Services a multi-purpose TLQ solution designed to support accommodation for 46 POB, including a modular walkway system on a minimal laydown area. GDI had specified DNV as the class society for the TLQ certification and A60 as the required fire rating for the modular complex. Due to a high level of H2S gas concentration at the client’s operation location in Qatar, Specialist Services were required to install additional gas detection and dampers in and around the modular complex, tied back to a dedicated gas panel in the vessel’s bridge for monitoring.


In line with all of the client’s requirements, Specialist Services supplied GDI with a 24 module TLQ complex comprising of accommodation, gymnasium, recreation, conference and locker rooms, offices and medic facilities with a complete bolted walkway system, all designed around a fully modular installation.

Due to the size of the facility and the client’s specifications, some of the modules had to be modified from their standard 20’ footprint by combining two 20’ modules as double-wide modular units constructed to support the recreation room, gymnasium and conference room. This was the first time that joined modules were completed by Specialist Services from existing Modular Hire fleet assets. All of this was done whilst maintaining all of the modules existing DNV, A60 and CSC certifications.


The walkways for the TLQ complex were designed and constructed using a fully weld free bolting design for the first time and were fabricated and installed on site within a 3-week project lead time. Additional gas detection and dampers were installed in and around the modular complex, tied back to a dedicated gas panel in the vessel’s bridge for monitoring, as required by the client.


The Dixie Patriot has been contracted by Dolphin Energy to provide additional accommodation for client personnel working on upgrades to Dolphin Energy’s Qatar based natural gas platforms. The project was completed on site at Damen Shipyards, Hamriyah Port – Ajman on board the GDI Dixie Patriot Lift-boat within the tight lead time of only 3 weeks and in line with the sailing of the vessel to Qatar, which was to set sail to the end user in Qatar.

The TLQ complex is currently still on rental at GDI Dixie Patriot Lift-boat and includes 11 four man accommodation units, 2 one man accommodation units, 2 four man office units, a 10 man conference room, a gymnasium unit, a 2 bed sickbay unit, 2 locker units, a 28 seat TV room and a galvanised walkway system.


The completion of this accommodation complex signified the largest TLQ solution delivered until December 2012, installed and commissioned by Specialist Services for a rental contract. This project opened an entire new market for the business as a provider of complete turnkey temporary accommodation complexes on both long and short term contracts.