58 Man Living Quarters for ConocoPhillips

Specialist Services announces the completion of the engineering, procurement, construction and load-out of a 58 Man Offshore Living Quarters on schedule, on budget and within weight requirements.

This project had a number of key factors that dictated its design and made it one of Specialist Services most challenging projects to date.

1. Weight Restrictions
A stringent weight restriction of maximum 750 tonnes for a single Lift was required by the Client and Owner. Specialist Services was able to meet this criterion by utilising their experience of design and fabrication through using a stressed skin structural design and lightweight materials such as GRP bathroom modules, aluminium helideck and fire divisions and others.

2. Fire Wall Systems
As the accommodation will be located on a Process Platform the external bulkheads were required to be a combination of J30 (Jet Fire) and H60 (Hydrocarbon) fire ratings with blast characteristics. Specialist Services extensive knowledge of fire and blast divisions has allowed for the successful use of the latest lightweight bulkhead systems integrating a stressed skin design, thus providing a protective barrier for those living and working within the module.

3. Safety
As the Accommodation is to be placed in a potentially Hazardous Area all external fittings such as HVAC equipment, lighting etc. were required to be Zone 2 compliant. The module is fitted out with the latest fire and gas safety warning and extinguishing systems.

4. Fit Out
The living quarters comprising of four levels was designed internally using marine quality, aesthetically pleasing finishes for furnishings and fittings in order to provide a comfortable working and living environment. It comprises offices, bedrooms, recreation area, gymnasium, galley, dining room, infirmary, laundry, mosque, electrical distribution room, TER room and control room. Load out of the building was undertaken successfully on Thursday, 29th May 2008. This the first leg of a 5,000 mile trip where the module will then become an integral part of the CPP deck being fabricated in Batam. The finished topsides are to be located in the North Belut Oil Field Indonesia.

Colin Forster – Project Director said, “We at Specialist Services are pleased to announce the successful completion of this 58 man living quarters module on time and within budget, and that the quality and the finishing detail surpassed the client’s expectations. The module which is destined for Indonesian waters has been fitted out to the latest IMO requirements”.

Colin continued: “Specialist Services has a unique position as designers and fabricators of topside modules because in addition to overall fabrication we also manufacture the majority of the components that go into the construction of these buildings. These include fire and blast doors, windows, bulkheads, wet units and furniture, all of which are certified by third parties. We are committed to providing safe and comfortable living environments for oilfield operating personnel around the world and are proud of our reputation in the market for excellent products”.

“This has been a successful project for us and we look forward to working once again with both the owner and client in the future,” concluded Colin.

Modular Construction Savings for Thailand’s Erawan Platform Living Quarters Extension

Specialist Services announces the completion of a 50 Man Offshore Living Quarters (LQ) Module extension now installed on the Erawan platform in the Gulf of Thailand. Designed and manufactured in 8 months, the LQ consists of 4, 2 and 1 Man Cabins laid out over 16 units on two levels.

Living Quarters of this size are normally manufactured as single jetty side modules and shipped for final installation using heavy lift crane barges which has high cost implications.

By ensuring that each unit weighed not more than 10 Tonnes, it was possible to utilise the existing platform crane and thus avoid the high cost and logistical problems of hiring a heavy lift barge. The units were fabricated and pre-assembled to form the complete living quarters in Specialist Services Dubai yard. Before disassembling the entire module services were tested and pre- commissioned to ensure dimensional and functionality of equipment prior to shipping.

All services including electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Telecommunication and fire and gas systems were all pre-installed during manufacture. Special hook up connections were provided between each unit for disassembly at yard and reassembly at site thus allowing the modules to be quickly connected and commissioned.

The lightweight pre-engineered units considerably reduced the risk over heavy lift applications during offshore installation as they were easily handled and lifted from a supply vessel and maneuvered into position. Offshore installation and hook-up was undertaken by the clients own personnel.

The installation, hook-up and commissioning took just 8 weeks to complete. The existing Living Quarters remained operational during the installation process.

Bongkot Phase 4A LQ Platform Project

Project Name: Bongkot Phase 4A Living Quarters Platform Project

Client: PTTEP, Thailand

Main EPC Contractor: PT Gunanusa Utama Fabricators, (PTG) Indonesia

Specialist Services Scope of supply:

  • EPM (Engineering, Procurement and Management of the LQ portion of the project)
  • Manufacture and supply of certified doors, windows and wet units
  • Piping, instrumentation, electrical wiring, HVAC, F&G, etc.

Construction Time: 18 Months